"Finished Recipe Organizer"
Spray Finished Gold Under Coat
With A Dark Blue Top Coat
Sanded and Stained for The
Distress Look
2/ 3"x 5" Recipe Card Drawers'
This Item Was Sent To Ohio
"Unfinished Recipe Box"
Eastern Pine
Milled to 3/4"
3"x 5" Recipe Card Box

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Wooden Recipe Boxes
"50 States Shot Glass Display"
Eastern Pine Milled to 3/4"
5 Shelves with 10 Insets
5 1/2" between shelving
Wall Mount or Set Display
This was a special order
project for a couple that
has been collecting Shot Glasses
from all the different States they
have visited.....
"Oak Recipe Box"
Hand Made Nov. 19th 2007
Finished Golden Oak
Stain and Sealer
For 3"x 5" Recipe Card Size
Made From 3 Different Oaks
Dark/Red/and White Oak
This Item Was Sent To
Arlington, Washington
--- Coming Soon ---
--- Coming Soon ---
All Crafts are
"Sold Locally Only"